Aoife Nessa Frances – Land Of No Junction

Aoife Nessa Frances – Land Of No Junction

In the words of Irish singer-songwriter Aoife Nessa Frances, her debut album explores a “dark vast landscape” of “liminal space”, an imagined place where she would “sit with uncertainty and accept it”. In practical terms, that means an album of woozy psych-folk that initially seems curiously out of focus, almost as if taking a cue from the title, LP co-producer/musical collaborator Cian Nugent’s childhood mishearing … Continue reading Aoife Nessa Frances – Land Of No Junction

Gregory Porter – All Rise

Gregory Porter has one of those voices which, as the cliché goes, could sing the telephone directory. Although 2017’s Nat King Cole & Me wasn’t exactly reaching for the Yellow Pages, it didn’t hit quite the same spot as his two previous self-penned mega-sellers Liquid Spirit and Take Me To The Alley. Fortunately for fans of his songwriting, All Rise is back to business, but … Continue reading Gregory Porter – All Rise

Horse Lords – The Common Task

Horse Lords – The Common Task

On paper, Baltimore’s Horse Lords sound more interesting than they do appealing. Like worthy but not fun math-rockers. On this third album, they employ algorithmic composition techniques and knotty time signatures, fired up by the radical socialist theories explored in Chile prior to General Pinochet’s coup d’état. On record, Horse Lords run wild and free. Heavy microtonal riffs ring out over galloping polyrhythms and a … Continue reading Horse Lords – The Common Task

The Monochrome Set reissue

The Monochrome Set – Love Zombies

The Monochrome Set were a breed apart from the other outfits in the UK post-punk scene they grew out of. For starters, they were nowhere near austere or gloomy enough; if anything, they seemed to be having fun. Released in February 1980, debut Strange Boutique established many of the band’s signature motifs right off the bat. The groovy 60s sound, the snappy hooks and the … Continue reading The Monochrome Set – Love Zombies

The Can – Monster Movie

A first issue of Can’s experimental debut album is a rare beast… Revolutionary is a word that gets thrown around a lot in music, but there really is no other way to describe Germany’s finest psychedelic export, Can. Fusing elements of traditional rock music with avant-garde funk, jazz and way beyond, Can were at the forefront of the krautrock movement. While the band’s roots date … Continue reading The Can – Monster Movie

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen – 18 Tracks and more…

By Bruce’s standards, the 1990s were lean, ending with a clear-out, 18 Tracks, all but three songs drawn from 1998’s Tracks boxset. Since one was a 1990 version of The Promise, a fragile outtake from 1978’s Darkness On The Edge Of Town, and another the slow-burning The Fever, it at least proved a useful reminder of his talent. The new millennium, though, began with the … Continue reading Bruce Springsteen – 18 Tracks and more…

The Undertones – West Bank Songs 1978-1983 A Best Of

The Undertones – West Bank Songs

Beloved of John Peel, who inspired their 1978 formation and then helped fund their first single, Teenage Kicks, which he soon made his legendary anthem – The Undertones rose from nowhere, or what at least, to its inhabitants, felt at the time like nowhere: Derry, Northern Ireland. Articulating adolescent frustrations with the Buzzcocks’ ferocity and the Ramones’ unruly, juvenile wit – both are audible in … Continue reading The Undertones – West Bank Songs