The Bluetones – Science And Nature/The Singles


By the arrival of their third album, Science And Nature in 2000, The Bluetones were lost in the wilderness between Britpop and The Strokes. Seemingly aware the charts were no longer a priority, they got fantastically indulgent.

Pin-sharp melodies were still here, but this time they were cloaked in punky fractiousness (Zorro, Mudslide) or claustrophobic country-rock (One Speed Gearbox, Slack Jaw).

A superb self-destruct record, it was followed in 2002 by attempting to revive commercial fortunes with The Singles. Even that was offbeat, as it had a full four new songs added. Out on vinyl for the first time, both LPs deserve to aid The Bluetones’ continued rehabilitation as underrated mavericks.


John Earls