The Beatles – The Singles Collection

Compiling The Beatles’ recording career across 22 singles, plus a new-to-vinyl double A-side 7″ that scoops up the Anthology-era ‘Threetles’ encore, this limited edition boxset has been remastered for vinyl at Abbey Road from the original mastertapes. Effectively, it’s the narrative arc of 60s British pop in microcosm – from the beat boom years through to the emergence of psychedelia and incorporation of World music influences … Continue reading The Beatles – The Singles Collection

Prince – 1999: Super Deluxe Edition

Across 10 LPs and a DVD, the vaults of this breakout album have been raided to produce a deluxe edition boxset of pitch-perfect proportions. John Earls wallows in Prince’s 1982 otherworldliness… Let’s make this clear immediately: what Warner have done with the first true deluxe edition of a Prince album is perfect. It’s the platonic ideal of a vinyl boxset. It takes 10 LPs and … Continue reading Prince – 1999: Super Deluxe Edition

The Velvet Underground – The Complete Matrix Tapes

It’s the first time on vinyl for the historic Matrix Tapes from 1969 that capture the post-John Cale incarnation of the cult band in spectacular live form. Gary Tipp’s life is saved by rock & roll… From the druggy pop smarts of The Velvet Underground & Nico to the frenzied avant-garde dissonance of White Light/White Heat, from the contemplative folky comedown of the self-titled third … Continue reading The Velvet Underground – The Complete Matrix Tapes

Julian Cope – Autogeddon 25th Anniversary

In the early 1990s, arch-drude Julian Cope hit his stride as a solo artist and crafted a trio of thematically linked albums: Peggy Suicide, Jehovahkill and Autogeddon, that raged at looming eco-catastrophes and our disconnection from the natural world. Of these, the Top Gear viewer-baiting Autogeddon (1994) is arguably the least heralded, yet this new edition suggests it’s well worthy of reappraisal. It’s a record … Continue reading Julian Cope – Autogeddon 25th Anniversary

Slade -The Singlez Box

That Slade were one of glam’s finest exponents of the crowd-pleasing 7″ A-side is undeniable, but how well do the B-sides stack up with the benefit of hindsight? This limited-edition boxset of 10 rare internationally released singles joins the dots for those only familiar with the big hits. They’re mostly here, of course, from the swaggering howl of Mama Weer All Crazee Now, gonzo charms … Continue reading Slade -The Singlez Box

Blue Note Review – Volume Two Spirit & Time

Legendary jazz label Blue Note continue to set a high bar with 
their subscription-only vinyl boxsets. This second volume, once again curated by Blue Note President Don Was, expands on the first, following subscriber feedback to include 
a second classic catalogue reissue album. Limited to 2,000 copies, there’s an exclusive 
2LP 180g vinyl compilation showcasing the label’s drumming roster – highlights include the wonderful Brian … Continue reading Blue Note Review – Volume Two Spirit & Time

James Taylor

James Taylor – The Warner Bros Albums 1970-1976

Taylor epitomised the gentle, introspective singer/songwriter movement of the early 70s, but seems to have disappeared under the radar of serious critical acclaim. John Earls argues his case. He’s a strange presence in the music industry, is James Taylor. He released some of the best music of the 70s, but he’s rarely mentioned in the pantheon of great singer-songwriters alongside peers such as Neil Young … Continue reading James Taylor – The Warner Bros Albums 1970-1976

David Bowie – Clareville Grove Demos

David Bowie, Clareville Grove Demos/The 'Mercury' Demos

1969 was a pivotal year in David Bowie’s development as an artist, as these the new Clareville Grove and The ‘Mercury’ Demos boxsets illustrate… After the 4×7″ boxset Spying Through A Keyhole in April finally offered up official releases for unreleased David Bowie songs, these two new releases are further evidence of the extent of Bowie’s prolific workrate in 1969. As well as being the … Continue reading David Bowie, Clareville Grove Demos/The 'Mercury' Demos

David Bowie – Spying Through A Keyhole

David Bowie – Spying Through A Keyhole

This new boxset of vinyl singles includes two early versions of Space Oddity to mark the 50th anniversary of Bowie’s debut hit. John Earls sifts through the historical document As thorough as David Bowie’s reissue campaign is, what it hadn’t explored was unreleased songs. You can own every conceivable alternative edit and a wealth of live recordings, but the songs Bowie didn’t deem good enough … Continue reading David Bowie – Spying Through A Keyhole