Julian Cope – Autogeddon 25th Anniversary


In the early 1990s, arch-drude Julian Cope hit his stride as a solo artist and crafted a trio of thematically linked albums: Peggy Suicide, Jehovahkill and Autogeddon, that raged at looming eco-catastrophes and our disconnection from the natural world.

Of these, the Top Gear viewer-baiting Autogeddon (1994) is arguably the least heralded, yet this new edition suggests it’s well worthy of reappraisal.

It’s a record that combines Cope’s krautrock-influenced experimental side with his natural gift for pop melody – and his knack for imparting serious messages in a seemingly throwaway fashion, as exemplified in the hilarious paean to being a reluctant car driver, Ain’t No Gettin’ Round Gettin’ Round.

With extra discs, lavish packaging and a long essay written by Cope’s former publicist, Mick Houghton, here’s a boxset that justifies its high price tag.

Jonathan Wright