Desmond Dekker & The Aces – 007 Shanty Town

007 Shanty Town

It took two years from when Desmond Dekker won his record deal until he was finally in front of the mic at the Studio One recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

In the meantime, he’d been working as a welder – where he spotted the talents of a fellow worker… one Bob Marley. That’s another story, though. When Dekker finally got down to business in the studio, his tone was memorably laid back and rootsy, his lyrics addressing issues that concerned him and his fellow Jamaicans.

This album features classics such as 007 (Shanty Town), Rude Boy Train and Rudie Got Soul. It’s a fine collection of what Dekker had to offer, and whilst the recordings are showing their age (52 years), this red vinyl pressing is top-notch.

A worthy addition to your reggae collection.


Paul Pettengale