Doctor Who – The Evil Of The Daleks

Doctor Who - The Evil Of The Daleks

Although 97 episodes of 1960s Doctor Who are missing, most of their soundtracks survive. Their new availability alternates between animating the stories on DVD and, since March, releasing them on vinyl with bridging narration read by an original cast regular.

Feted among fans, Patrick Troughton’s The Evil Of The Daleks is a great choice for vinyl: infamously featuring a gang of humanised Daleks who take on children’s personalities, their voices are downright spooky even without the visuals. Perfect for a generation who grew up reading Target Books’ novelisations of adventures which hadn’t yet otherwise been released, Demon’s vinyl series gives a bewitching half-life to these vintage tales, capably narrated here by Frazer Hines, aka Troughton’s assistant Jamie McCrimmon.

There is one annoying issue: at £70 for four LPs, it’ll exterminate your wallet.


John Earls