The Undertones – West Bank Songs 1978-1983 A Best Of

The Undertones – West Bank Songs

Beloved of John Peel, who inspired their 1978 formation and then helped fund their first single, Teenage Kicks, which he soon made his legendary anthem – The Undertones rose from nowhere, or what at least, to its inhabitants, felt at the time like nowhere: Derry, Northern Ireland. Articulating adolescent frustrations with the Buzzcocks’ ferocity and the Ramones’ unruly, juvenile wit – both are audible in … Continue reading The Undertones – West Bank Songs

Prince – Originals

Prince gifted songs lesser artists would kill for, and here are 15 of those covers (only one previously released) performed by the great man himself.    When Prince’s vaults finally opened last September, Piano And A Microphone 1983 was an adept introduction. It suggested the team in charge of selecting which material to put out really do share Prince’s ethos: it was sublime, it was … Continue reading Prince – Originals

Primal Scream – Maximum Rock 'N' Roll The Singles Volume 1


From their psych roots to the rave-pop of Screamadelica, through to the ear-grind of XTRMNTR and beyond, Primal Scream have kept it real. Long Live Vinyl reviews new best-of Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll. There’s an ugly sneering towards Primal Scream from some critics – it’s as if Bobby Gillespie’s deep passion for music is something to be mocked. Oh, why can’t he just relax and shut … Continue reading Primal Scream MAXIMUM ROCK ‘N’ ROLL

R.E.M. – The Best Of R.E.M. At The BBC

A triumphant chronicle of US alt-giants R.E.M.’s enduring relationship with the Beeb. Gary Walker bemoans the lack of a vinyl boxset. What better way to retell the enduring relationship between one of America’s greatest bands and a UK audience that grew exponentially across 24 years than this celebration of their performances on the BBC? With the comprehensive Deluxe 8CD and DVD edition offering a full … Continue reading R.E.M. – The Best Of R.E.M. At The BBC

Prince – Piano & A Microphone 1983

There was, presumably, a reason Prince kept his vault sealed. Yet upon his death, his estate drilled its lock to find enough unreleased material to issue an album every year for a century. No one’s asked whether that’s what Prince would have wanted, though – despite his refusal to put out The Black Album showing he had strict guidelines about what was suitable for release. … Continue reading Prince – Piano & A Microphone 1983

Aretha Franklin – The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970

With the sad news of Aretha Franklin’s passing, there’s an added emotional resonance to this extraordinary 2LP set. Chronicling an unimpeachable three years at the start of her spell with Atlantic Records, the quality control exhibited here is quite breathtaking. Between 1967 and 1970, Franklin was transformed from promising starlet into one of her era’s most important figures – the finely honed studio sound of … Continue reading Aretha Franklin – The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970

Classic Rock Anthems

Various Artists – Classic Rock Anthems

Unless you’re an owner of a car from the mid-1950s with a turntable built-in you’ll have to spin Classic Rock Anthems at home and let your imagination do the rest. According to Andy Jones, that’s not a bad thing… DEMON MUSIC GROUP This compilation, which is exclusively available on heavyweight double vinyl, is housed in a gatefold sleeve depicting a neon-lit road that makes you … Continue reading Various Artists – Classic Rock Anthems

a very british synthesiser group

The Human League – A Very British Synthesiser Group

Human League’s new singles anthology ‘A Very British Synthesiser Group’ is now on wax, but is it worth shelling out for? John Earls reports… UNIVERSAL There’s a certain symmetry in the League releasing this extensive new singles anthology: it’s their ninth hits set and they’ve also released the same number of actual albums. In fairness, none of those previous comps have been quite so exhaustive … Continue reading The Human League – A Very British Synthesiser Group