Naim’s new turntable – 50 years in the making

They’ve spent the last decade embracing the streaming revolution, but now here’s a sign of the times…: Naim have just unveiled the first turntable in their 50-year history. And just look at the depth of that platter! The Solstice Special Edition turntable is so-called becuase it was launched on the summner solstice – and becuase Naim’s HQ is just a few miles from the most … Continue reading Naim’s new turntable – 50 years in the making

Pro-Ject – X1: “refreshingly engaging…”

Jason Kennedy extols the virtues of a refreshingly engaging turntable from Pro-Ject’s growing range… The X1 is the latest addition to Pro-Ject’s burgeoning range of turntables; the company appear intent on covering all price points below the excessive in an attempt to corner the market, and they are doing well. The X1 is a bit different to the majority of the company’s models by virtue … Continue reading Pro-Ject – X1: “refreshingly engaging…”

The Top 8 Turntables of 2020

While the rest of the planet seemed to lose its collective mind in 2019, we’re pleased to report it was business as usual in the wonderful world of hi-fi engineering… It was impossible to ignore the existing giants of the turntable industry in 2019, notably Rega, who consolidated their position as heavyweight champions with notable additions to the range such as the sublime Planar 10. … Continue reading The Top 8 Turntables of 2020

Fluance – RT81: “does well in a face-off…”

This plug-and-go, twin-speed turntable is aimed at the lifestyle market… For some, Fluance seems to have popped into existence from nowhere, but the company has actually been around since 1999. Set up by Deepak Jain in Niagara Falls, Canada, Fluance began by offering home theatre products, but vinyl fans have now begun to notice its range of turntables. There are six in all, ranging from … Continue reading Fluance – RT81: “does well in a face-off…”

Acoustic Signature – Storm Mk2: “big, bold, strong…”

The Storm Mk2 is a big, bold, steely beast of a machine that’s likely to kick sand in the face of other decks. Paul Rigby meets a high-mass turntable that delivers with great authorityStorm Mk2 £5,650 & TA2000 tonearm £2,090 Unlikely, but if Darth Vader ever walked into a local high street shop and asked for a turntable, just before nipping into Boots to collect … Continue reading Acoustic Signature – Storm Mk2: “big, bold, strong…”

AVID – Diva II: “hugely impressive design…”

We sit down with leading turntable manufacturer AVID HIFI and find out why the Diva II model is creating such a buzz. AVID have always had their foot firmly in the door when it comes to making stunning high-end turntables, but it’s sometimes all-too easy to forget how much else they have to offer to the hi-fi world. When the Diva was originally released it served … Continue reading AVID – Diva II: “hugely impressive design…”

NAD – C 558: “open, clear and musical…”

NAD are a fixture in the hi-fi world, but they’re traditionally known more for their amps than turntables. Paul Rigby puts the £449 C 558 through its paces and notes some familiar features… Though not a company exactly reknowned for their turntable production, NAD’s latest deck looks clean and stylish in a graphite-coloured, curvy-cornered sort of way. The two-speed, belt-driven turntable sports a built-in tonearm … Continue reading NAD – C 558: “open, clear and musical…”

STST – Motus II: “built-in high inertia…”

This turntable from German manufacturer STST is a minimalist design with an ingenious approach to direct drive. Paul Rigby finds out more… Motus II, £6,399 | Vertex tonearm, £3,399 | Etsuro Urushi cartridge, £5,995 All the way from Germany, STST has been up and running since 1985, at the hands of Stefan Strohmetz. The company makes two turntables, the Motus and Motus II, using a … Continue reading STST – Motus II: “built-in high inertia…”

AVID HIFI – Acutus Classic: “seriously impressive…”

We take a look at the inner workings of the Acutus Classic turntable from AVID HIFI We’ve been raving about the new Plug&Play turntable recently, AVID HIFI’s more affordable adaptation of the classic Ingenium model, but now we’re turning our attention to something even bolder. Unlike other AVID record players, the original Acutus model has been designed with a completely blank canvas, allowing the well-known … Continue reading AVID HIFI – Acutus Classic: “seriously impressive…”

Buyers Guide – High-End Turntables

If money isn’t too tight to mention – or if you just enjoy dreaming, and reading about deluxe turntables – then let hi-fi guru Paul Rigby guide you around what’s on the market… Looking to spend some of that extra Christmas money on a top-quality turntable? Here are some of our picks, depending on your budget and other requirements… Which high-end turntable should you buy? … Continue reading Buyers Guide – High-End Turntables