Pro-Ject – RPM 3

Pro-Ject’s £599 RPM 3 Carbon is a perfectly fine performer straight out of the box, but here, Paul Rigby investigates the quality of the raft of sonic upgrades the company offers… The Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon (henceforth, the RPM) is an excellent turntable and performs well ‘as is’. That said, it also benefits from a host of Pro-Ject accessories that can be used to upgrade … Continue reading Pro-Ject – RPM 3

Gold Note’s Mediterraneo – “sonic stability…”

Paul Rigby reviews a stylish Italian-made two-speed belt-driven turntable with a classy-looking aged Italian walnut lower plinth, designed to reduce turbulence and aid sonic stability… Complete with B-7 ceramic tonearm, this beauty will set you back £6,008 and is available here. Right from the off, you notice it: that wavy lower plinth made out of walnut. This one feature provides a clue to the intriguing … Continue reading Gold Note’s Mediterraneo – “sonic stability…”

SME’s Synergy – “audiophile necessities…”

In our series showcasing high-end hi-fi to die for, Paul Rigby checks out an integrated belt-drive turntable that’s ready and waiting to deliver superior sonics, straight off the shelf… It’ll set you back a hefty £14,950 and is available here. The Synergy is a stunning new turntable design from British company SME, in collaboration with leading audio specialists. It combines the legendary SME Series IV … Continue reading SME’s Synergy – “audiophile necessities…”

Jadis’s Thalie – “Get Your Freq On…”

In our series showcasing high-end hi-fi to die for, Paul Rigby encounters the Thalie turntable – a precision-tooled marvel with only four rotating mechanical parts. This high-end machine will set you back a whopping £45,000 and is available here. Designed and built in France, this remarkable turntable is not only very heavy (it arrives at a hernia-inducing 80kg) but also rather gorgeous. The great thing about … Continue reading Jadis’s Thalie – “Get Your Freq On…”

VPI Prime – Signature

Released as the upgraded sequel to the popular Prime model, Paul Rigby reviews VPI’s Prime Signature turntable. It’ll cost you £6,000 and is available here. Touted as an upgrade to the company’s own Prime turntable, the Signature version is a heavy beast, clocking in at a massive 36.75kg with a sturdy, vinyl-wrapped polymer plinth base that acts as a sandwich for a thick piece of … Continue reading VPI Prime – Signature

Technics – SL-1000R

In our series showcasing high-end hi-fi to die for, Paul Rigby investigates Technics’ new version of a turntable that’s been relied upon by the radio industry for years… An updated version of their flagship turntable design, this will set you back £14,000. Technics’ 3-speed SL-1000R (the R stands for Reference) improves on the excellent SP-10R, with an outer platter encasing the power supply and up … Continue reading Technics – SL-1000R

Buyers Guide – Budget Turntables

There are budget turntables… and there are budget turntables. Paul Rigby looks at the various flavours. Which is the best for you? The so-called vinyl renaissance is still here and it doesn’t look as if it’s going away anytime soon. The proof is in the continued strength in sales of budget turntables, to analogue fans who are looking to get into the format for the … Continue reading Buyers Guide – Budget Turntables

ProJect Primary

Pro-Ject – Primary, with OM 5E Cartridge

If you’re starting to get into – or back into – vinyl, but you’re strapped for cash, Long Live Vinyl recommends checking out the Pro-Ject Primary turntable with OM 5E cartridge. Analogue playback is becoming very popular again. As is often the case, however, money is the problem. There’s not a lot of it swimming around the place, especially when other commitments come to the … Continue reading Pro-Ject – Primary, with OM 5E Cartridge