AVID HIFI – Ingenium Plug&Play

Leading hi-fi manufacturers AVID have put a new spin on their classic Ingenium turntable, creating a cheaper and simpler version called the Plug&Play. We find out what this new model has to offer. 

AVID HIFI talk us through the new Ingenium Plug&Play turntable

When most people think of AVID HIFI, the uber high-end springs to mind. Well, according to Sales & Marketing representative Stuart Robertson, the Ingenium Plug&Play is about to change that.

With three decades of experience under their belts, AVID have designed a simple to use, easy to assemble turntable, incorporating the same frictionless inverted bearing as you would find on all the rest of the AVID turntable range and a fully fitted and adjusted TA-1 Tonearm and CA-1 Cartridge. Through this, they’ve been able to cut production costs and make their iconic entry-level turntable much more affordable. Hitting shops this month at just £1,250, being an AVID owner is becoming much less of a distant dream.
“I wanted to make something that allowed record collectors to start to reveal just how amazing their vinyl collection can sound, and I truly believe that with the Plug&Play we have put that within touching distance,” explains owner and designer Conrad Mas.
With a primary focus on affordability and quality, it seems that AVID are onto a winner with the Plug&Play – we’re looking forward to getting our hands on one!

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