AVID’s Diva II “hugely impressive” turntable review

We sit down with leading turntable manufacturer AVID HIFI and find out why the Diva II model is creating such a buzz.

3 reasons why AVID's Diva II could be the turntable for you

AVID have always had their foot firmly in the door when it comes to making stunning high-end turntables, but it’s sometimes all-too easy to forget how much else they have to offer to the hi-fi world. When the Diva was originally released it served as AVID’s answer to entry-level, but it’s now been re-worked into a mid-range turntable that covers every base: affordable to a keen record collector, but without compromising on quality by trying to cut costs. If you’re looking to step your turntable up without spending a bomb, here’s why the Diva II could be your perfect match…

1. It’s a sturdy piece of kit
The foundation of the Diva II is an ultra-rigid, one-piece aluminium casting. Upgraded from its original design, the platter is also precision machined aluminium, with other moving parts mounted using a tight clamping system. This is one stable machine, allowing optimum mechanical isolation of the playing surface and resulting in better all-round sound quality.

2. It has an external power supply
An external power supply is a rare find in an affordable turntable, but AVID have equipped the Diva II with a purpose designed one of its own. This produces a supremely smooth and consistent rotational force which results in the unmistakably dynamic sound AVID has come to be associated with.

3. Sound quality remains key
It’s clear from the off that each aspect of the Diva II has been designed to contribute to the exceptional sound performance. The unique way of mounting the arm and platter using a sapphire bearing, for example, efficiently channels any unwanted vibrations away from both the record and the platter, making for clearer, better sound.
Overall, this is a hugely impressive design, as well a perfect demonstration that the highest quality hi-fi can, and should, be available to a wider community of audiophiles.