AVID HIFI’s Acutus Classic “seriously impressive” turntable reviewed

We take a look at the inner workings of the Acutus Classic turntable from AVID HIFI

Inside the AVID HIFI Acutus Classic turntable

We’ve been raving about the new Plug&Play turntable recently, AVID HIFI’s more affordable adaptation of the classic Ingenium model, but now we’re turning our attention to something even bolder. Unlike other AVID record players, the original Acutus model has been designed with a completely blank canvas, allowing the well-known hi-fi manufacturer to explore new options for achieving high-quality sound and accurate reproduction.

In brief, this is a twin-belt drive (incidentally, the first of its kind), sprung subchassis design and this is where the similarity with other designs stops.

Good Vibrations

The first key design difference is centred around vibration. During playback, instead of sending sound vibrations to the subchassis via the platter, the Acutus stylus sends them directly through a single point bearing, reducing the amount of absorption and thus improving sound quality. According to AVID, this is achieved “using a unique matting material and clamping system”. External vibration is isolated by a variable frequency suspension system unique to the Acutus model.

How It Works: Inside the AVID HIFI Acutus Classic

Got the Power

The Acutus power supply, which incorporates AVID’s new DSP signal generation, makes for accurate speed settings and the hand-made motor, ten times more powerful than those usually used, drives a 10kg platter, stabilising that speed.

Finished in polished chrome, the Acutus Classic is a seriously impressive turntable.