The Remixed Website

Welcome back. As we’re writing and thinking every day about “the second coming of vinyl”, we’ve now gone live with “the second coming of the Long Live Vinyl website”… Remixed, remodelled and revitalised.

What’s new? First up, we’ve simplified the main menu – up there on the top of the home page, and every page – and distilled it down to the five things that make us all tick: Vinyl Reviews, Exclusive Interviews. Record Stores, Record Labels, and Turntables.

But all of our other content has not disappeared… It’s still available and, we hope, in much more manageable, and more logical chunks. So we have sections on all aspects of Record Store Day, our reviews archives of both music and hi-fi, deep-end Discogs coverage, everything you need to know about our print and digital magazine editions, and more.

One thing that’s taken a lot of work – and a job that will never end – is tagging every single piece of content on the site (which is upwards of 1,000 articles so far) by genre. Because sometimes you’re in the mood for some post-punk (well, we are), or some jazz, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s an in-depth interview or a box set review, you just want something to your taste.

So, take a look around and please let us know what you think. There’s a mountain of work still to be done, but that’s one area where we’re glad we’re in digital rather than making records: with a website, you can keep adding to and editing your project ad infinitum, unlike when you cut an LP and there’s that heart-stopping moment where you have to send your music off to the pressing plant and there’s no turning back.