Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on his Top Ten Vinyl

The erstwhile Sex Pistols bassist and Rich Kids frontman is currently on tour in support of his solo record, Good To Go. He shares 10 of his favourite albums with Dave Steinfeld… Faces – A Nod Is As Good As A Wink… To A Blind Horse “It’s got Stay With Me on it and it opens with Miss Judy’s Farm, which is one of the best … Continue reading Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on his Top Ten Vinyl

The Monochrome Set reissue

The Monochrome Set – Love Zombies

The Monochrome Set were a breed apart from the other outfits in the UK post-punk scene they grew out of. For starters, they were nowhere near austere or gloomy enough; if anything, they seemed to be having fun. Released in February 1980, debut Strange Boutique established many of the band’s signature motifs right off the bat. The groovy 60s sound, the snappy hooks and the … Continue reading The Monochrome Set – Love Zombies

The Undertones – West Bank Songs 1978-1983 A Best Of

The Undertones – West Bank Songs

Beloved of John Peel, who inspired their 1978 formation and then helped fund their first single, Teenage Kicks, which he soon made his legendary anthem – The Undertones rose from nowhere, or what at least, to its inhabitants, felt at the time like nowhere: Derry, Northern Ireland. Articulating adolescent frustrations with the Buzzcocks’ ferocity and the Ramones’ unruly, juvenile wit – both are audible in … Continue reading The Undertones – West Bank Songs


The Top 40 Essential The Clash Vinyl

The Clash’s brief and unlikely trajectory from the crucible of punk to mainstream burnout spawned a range of curious collectibles. Sean Egan digs out the rarities… The Clash were never supposed to be about anything as precious or retrograde as collectability. Punk being a musical movement that toppled idols and railed against rock-aristocracy materialism and avarice, it initially seemed unthinkable that anyone might one day … Continue reading The Top 40 Essential The Clash Vinyl

The Murder Capital

The Murder Capital announce live 12″ for Record Store Day

The band have fond memories of this particular show and are excited to see it spinning on 12″… The Murder Capital are bringing one of their hottest live performances to 12″ for Record Store Day. The show in question: 2019’s sold-out gig at The Dome in Tufnell Park. The record is set to feature incendiary live versions on Love, Love, Love on Side A and On Twisted Ground on … Continue reading The Murder Capital announce live 12″ for Record Store Day

Jehnny Beth New Album

Savages' Jehnny Beth announces debut solo album

The lead singer of Savages announced the news by sharing new track Flower…  Songwriter, singer and multi-disciplinary artist Jehnny Beth will release her debut solo album To Love Is To Live on May 8 via Caroline Records. Having been recorded in Los Angeles, London and Paris, the new album features a flurry of collaborators, including producers Flood, Atticus Ross, and longtime co-creator Johnny Hostile, and guest turns … Continue reading Savages' Jehnny Beth announces debut solo album

Gang Of Four

Gang Of Four – Entertainment!

On their wildly influential debut album, Gang Of Four stepped forward to create a jarring, funky post-punk masterpiece that was the pitch-perfect distillation of their socio-political beliefs and anti-rock stance, as Gary Tipp discovers… With the dust now settled, it’s clear that punk rock wasn’t the beginning of a glorious new chapter, but rather an emphatic full stop. In the registers of music history, the … Continue reading Gang Of Four – Entertainment!

Violent Femmes – Hotel Last Resort

A mere 10 albums in and Violent Femmes continue to be one of America’s most distinct alternative underground artists; sitting somewhere in that territory between Pixies, Royal Trux and Meat Puppets, their latest album, as many of them do, haphazardly traverses punk, country, folk and alt-rock, and is driven by the inimitable, and often wonky, vocal of the semi-legendary Gordon Gano. On the album’s title … Continue reading Violent Femmes – Hotel Last Resort

The Cure – Disintegration

On their eighth album, Disintegration, The Cure turned their backs on the skewed brand of pop that had yielded a succession of hits, and opted instead for doom-laden introspection. Against all expectations, as Neil Crossley explains, it was the album that would become their crowning achievement… In the ego-strewn music industry, it’s often assumed that anyone who sets foot on a stage wants to be … Continue reading The Cure – Disintegration

The Essential: Samplers

Despite often costing far less than a regular LP, many samplers have become highly collectible. Surely a definitive list of 40 is impossible? Step forward Mark Sampson… The birth of the sampler album is generally attributed to Jac Holzman, the head of Elektra Records. With no budget for advertising, he looked for other ways of promoting his catalogue (then) of folk and world music. Always … Continue reading The Essential: Samplers