The psychedelic art of LP Giobbi’s Light Places

Hugely reminiscent of Sixties art troupe The Fool, the artwork for producer/DJ/pianist LP Giobbi’s album Light Places is the most psychedelic cover we’re seen for some time.

Producer, DJ, pianist and activist LPGiobbi announces ‘Light Places’ – her long-awaited and highly anticipated full-length debut album, due out May 12th 2023 on Ninja Tune imprint CounterRecords where LP, one of electronic music’s fastest-rising stars, sits comfortably alongside the likes of ODESZABonoboBicep and TSHA

With the announcement, LP Giobbi shares a new single “Can’t Let You Go” featuring indie pop duo LittleJet on vocals. Speaking more on the new single, LP Giobbi says “I thought about my love for Polo & Pan and how fun it would be to make a song to be consumed during a pool time hang with friends. I sent the track to Little Jet – my favorite new band who is making music reminiscent of that amazing washed out / Beach House era but dare I say even more electronically savvy. They wrote the vocals ‘can’t let you go’ and also added some cool Juno synths.”

Dedicated to her parents, ‘Light Places’ sees the classically trained artist celebrate their free spirited approach to life and how it moulded her as a person. “This album is called “Light Places” which is the LP of these Scarlet Begonias Grateful Dead lyrics, “Once in a while You get shown the LIGHT In the strangest of PLACES If you look at it right”, Leah explains. 

“These are some of my dad’s favourite Dead lyrics and almost a philosophy for the way he lives and taught my brother and me to live. I am a seeker of light places both in the physical and the divine. I believe in letting yourself get lost and finding out it’s exactly where you were supposed to be. I hope this album helps you tap into your joy and light”.

‘Light Places’ was created in large part among the clouds, in airplanes high above the weights of reality and other incoming distractions where LP could easily lay down ideas and melodies before materialising them in a studio. The album recording process was a journey in itself for LP, which challenged her in new ways, expanding her artistic abilities beyond the confines of standalone singles.

It allowed her to explore and experiment outside the realms of the dance floor – linking back to her improvised jazz and jam band foundations, where it all began. Featuring multiple tracks with impressive names like SOFITUKKERLittleJetCarolineByrneMonogemDJ Tennis & Joseph Ashworth throughout the album, ‘Light Places’ sees LP celebrate the joys of collaboration, improvisation and creating music through friendship – paying homage to the people and music that shaped her as an artist.

A true expression of organic freedom, ‘Light Places’ encompasses who LP Giobbi is as an artist and what she values above all – family, creative exploration, gender equality within the music industry and of course, acclaimed 60’s jam band The Grateful Dead. A self confessed ‘deadhead’, Leah’s love for The Grateful Dead stems from childhood through her parents’ appreciation for jam band culture and has influenced her life since. 

“I am grateful and proud to be raised by two magnificent Dead Heads who have danced their way through life seeking joy, sharing love and cherishing moments” she adds. In January 2023, the multi-hyphenate released a remix album of The Grateful Dead’s lead singer Jerry Garcia’s seminal 1972 solo debut, ‘Garcia’ – a project she’s incredibly proud to be a part of. 

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