Author Ben Wardle on his Mark Hollis biography

We love this simple, honest interview with author and lecturer Ben Wardle, who talks through his biography of Talk Talk genius Mark Hollis. Who he interviewed, and why and when. Take a look.

The first complete, in-depth biography of the Talk Talk leader draws on scores of new and original interviews with Mark Hollis’s friends, musicians, collaborators and record company personnel to create this important and substantial biography. Tracing Mark Hollis’s life from earliest beginnings through his formative years, author Ben Wardle offers genuine insight into the creative forces which helped shape the sound and songs recorded by Talk Talk. For the first time A Perfect Silence explains the realities and explodes the myths surrounding Hollis and Talk Talk’s career, and in doing so reveals the working patterns, sense of humour and desire for privacy of the man himself.

Among the interviewees for this book are Simon Brenner, producer Rhett Davies, Phill Brown, James Marsh, musical collaborators George Page, Phil Ramocon, Martin Ditcham, Dominic Miller, Mark Feltham, Johnny Turnbull, Robbie McIntosh and others. Talk Talk live sound engineer Chris Beale, long-time manager Keith Aspden, original A&R manager Ashley Goodall, old school friends, numerous industry figures,  friends and acquaintances who knew him only after he’d retired all add fresh insight and perspective to this extensive and engaging biography.

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