Madonna – Lucky Star, Ireland edition

Lucky’s not the word if you happen to own a copy of this ultra-rare, Ireland-only pressing of an early-80s synth-pop gem…

Lucky Star was one of the tracks from Madonna’s 1983 self-titled debut LP. The single was originally issued in a picture sleeve with an image from the same Gary Heery photo shoot as the album cover. As Madonna’s popularity would grow, many of her singles would be reissued over time. What makes Lucky Star different is that the reissue had a different sleeve, making the now infamous ‘Sunglasses’ cover one of the most sought-after Madonna collector’s items.

The 12″ version is fairly collectable, but it is the Irish-only 7″ pressing that is considered among her fans to be the Holy Grail of the iconic singer’s back catalogue. The release is almost identical to the 12″ version in every way, right down to having the same B-side track, I Know It.

The single has been heavily counterfeited over the years, with original pressings hardly ever making their way on to the open market. When they do, they are snapped up swiftly without any regard for the condition, because collectors just want to own this mythical piece of pop history, but mint, archive-quality copies can fetch as much as £1,500.

Glen Bushell

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The UK 7″ edition is just as rare. It has the same ‘sunglasses’ sleeve design, this sleeve was also printed in Ireland at the same time. Both the UK edition and Irish editions of the 7″ were made in very small quantities.