Graham Fellows on his Top Ten Vinyl

Graham Fellows is known best for creating comedy persona John Shuttleworth. But in 1978, as Jilted John, he had the whole of the UK chanting the bitter chorus: “Gordon is a moron”. We catch up with Fellows as he prepares to embark on Ere We Go 2… 3… 40, his October tour of the UK to celebrate Jilted John’s 40th anniversary…

Crate Digging with... Graham Fellows - Jilted John

Crate Digging with... Graham Fellows - The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers – 3 + 3
“Astonishingly good – I’d buy it just for the first 15 seconds of That Lady, with Ernie Isley’s Hendrixy guitar. I also love The Highways Of My Life and Summer Breeze, which taught me something I never knew – our minds contain jasmine.”

Crate Digging with... Graham Fellows - The Byrds

The Byrds – Original Singles 1965 – 1967, Vol 1
“20 years before Johnny Marr, McGuinn showed guitarists how to play a 12-string and The Beatles how to harmonise. If Eight Miles High is their masterpiece, Turn! Turn! Turn! is their finest production.”

Crate Digging with... Graham Fellows - Shelleyan Orphan

Shelleyan Orphan – Helleborine
“I don’t know what the title means either (or the group’s name), but any pretentiousness is excused the instant Caroline Crawley opens her beautiful mouth and sings of Epitaph Ivy And Woe and Anatomy Of Love.”

Crate Digging with... Graham Fellows - John Coltrane

John Coltrane – My Favourite Things
“I heard the title track when I was drunk at a friend’s house. It was just playing in the background, but the repetitive piano riffs of McCoy Tyner made me listen in awe. I play it every day while I’m doing my stretches.”

Crate Digging with... Graham Fellows - Mott The Hoople

Mott The Hoople – Mott
“I nicked this album off my sister, Sally, in the early 70s… The track I remember most is I Wish I Was Your Mother. It’s a sweet little rock ballad; one of those songs that moves you and you’re a bit embarrassed by how emotional you’re suddenly feeling.”

Crate Digging with... Graham Fellows - Prefab Sprout

Prefab Sprout – Swoon
Cruel deals with the dilemma of being a new man… It contains the exquisite couplet ‘If I’m troubled by every folding of your skirt/ Am I guilty of every male-inflicted hurt?’. No, you’re not, Paddy. Shave off your beard and get back on the road!”

The Beatles

The Beatles – Rubber Soul
“Apparently, this was the first album The Beatles recorded at leisure – and it shows. With the exception of the annoying Drive My Car, the whole album is reflective and folky, drawing you in and causing you to think about life… an understated masterpiece.”

David Bowie

David Bowie – The World Of David Bowie
“I love Bowie’s early quirky, childish ditties and, with the exception of The Laughing Gnome, they’re all here. His delivery is clearly inspired by the likes of Anthony Newley… a great LP to have on while you’re doing your morning jobs.”


Focus – Moving Waves
“There’s little yodelling on this album. Instead, astonishing tunes – with mind-boggling chord changes I can only shake my head in wonder at. The musicianship is stunning: Sylvia [from Focus 3] is still probably the tune I’d be most happy to die hearing.”


Squeeze – East Side Story
“I used to be jealous of Squeeze’s success; it seemed they were ploughing a similar furrow to the one I’d tried to with Jilted John, but I can take heart knowing I rhymed ‘smelly’ with ‘telly’ before them. Chart hits aside, this album is full of lesser-known gems.”