Record Store Day 2018 Release Guide: The Waterfront Normandy (On A Beach)

The Waterfront
Normandy (On A Beach )/
When The Wind Blows (12″)
Vinyl Revival
The Waterfront Record Store Day release

The Waterfront were a shortlived Manchester supergroup in the early 80s. The band consisted of three original members of The Stone Roses: Andy Couzens (guitar), Gary Mounfield (bass) and John Squire (guitar). The drummer was Chris Goodwin (The High), with David ‘Kaiser’ Carty on vocals. Although the band never played a gig, they did record two tracks in a small studio in 1983. Only  a handful of cassette tapes ever existed among friends of the band. Andy Couzens owns the original ¼-inch reel-to-reel tape and has kindly offered the recordings for a special release to raise money for The Christie in Manchester. Andy and John went on to form The Stone Roses with Mani joining later. Chris ended up in numerous bands before having success with Andy in The High. Kaiser chose a different path and went to serve for Queen and country. The rest is history. 

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