Record Store Day 2018 Release Guide: Miles Davis – Rubberband

Miles Davis
Rubberband (LP)
Miles Davis - Rubberband

Recorded in 1985, Miles Davis’s long-lost album, Rubberband, is now on schedule for release for Record Store Day 2018.  Rubberband’s title track has been updated and remixed by its producers, with vocals by R&B/jazz singer Ledisi. Randy Hall and Zane Giles also finished the original version for this exclusive four-track Record Store Day EP.

This is the start of the setup for the full album, which will finally see the light of day this autumn, stretching Rubberband over 30 years. Miles Davis had shocked the music world by moving from Columbia to Warner Bros, and the Rubberband sessions marked a radical departure for him, with funk and soul grooves that would have featured Al Jarreau and Chaka Khan.
Record Store Day takes place on Saturday 21 April. For the official 32-page Record Store Day 2018 Guide featuring the lowdown on over 450 releases, pick up your copy of Long Live Vinyl here