Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen sells for $14,690

A copy of the Sex Pistols’ unreleased God Save The Queen A&M 7-inch has sold for $14,690 on Discogs, making it comfortably November 2017’s most expensive sale and coming close to eclipsing the record for the most expensive item ever sold on the site.
Sex Pistols God Save The Queen
A mere 25,000 copies of God Save The Queen were pressed before A&M’s Herb Alpert reportedly destroyed the Sex Pistols’ recording contract six days after signing. Only nine of the unreleased A&M single are thought to exist, making it one of the UK’s rarest records, with previous copies selling for up to £13,000.
Genuine originals have the serrated anti-slip necklace and 7284 written twice on the B-Side runout, one above the other. Also of note, runout (Side A label) is AMS 7284A and runout (Side B label) is AMS 7284B.
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