Record direct-to-vinyl in Brooklyn's Leesta Vall Sound Recordings office sessions

leesta vall sound recordings

If you’ve ever wanted to get your music on vinyl without having to make hundreds of copies, then look no further. Brooklyn-based Leesta Vall Sound Recordings is now offering direct-to-vinyl recording sessions.

Artists come to the studio and perform their song live in the office, which is cut live in real-time directly to a 7” lathe cut vinyl record, resulting in a truly bespoke musical artefact.

These sessions have become increasingly popular with vinyl enthusiasts, says owner Aaron Zimmer in a recent interview with The Music Universe, who began this unique project in his office out of a love for vinyl and “all things old”.
What’s even better is that there’s no fee. “It’s sort of a community thing…It’s just a cool little vanity project that was too cool not to do.”
There are, however, some stipulations and that’s not just being able to get to Brooklyn. “We’re gonna be pretty exclusive about who comes in. It’s not just anybody who can come in and do it. We wanna really like the music first.”
If you’re interested in recording direct to vinyl, then visit Leesta Vall Sound Recordings website and apply.