Vinyl Goes Zero-Grav: Go Back To The Future

Go back to the future with a revolutionary new floating turntable…

Dubbed the ‘world’s first levitating player’, the amazing MAG-LEV Audio turntable uses magnets to suspend the platter in the air – and no, this isn’t a belated April Fool.

But there’s no need worry about your favourite Bowie vinyl ‘falling to Earth’ as, when you place a disc on the platter, four feet extend from the plinth to keep it at a consistent height, then retract when you start playing the record.

As a ‘belt and braces’ safety feature, the MAG-LEV also features an ‘uninterruptible’ power supply to keep records safe if your mains electricity suffers a blip. MAG-LEV Audio’s Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal and the company hopes to get the deck in shops by next August. Find out more on their Facebook page