Arzachel – Arzachel

This intoxicating psych rarity has an eye-watering price tag and was rumoured to have been recorded in a cave in Ukraine. Its rich history and mysterious origins will make it a talking point of any collection… One of the best things about obscure, long-forgotten psychedelic records is the history that goes with them. Even if the recordings aren’t as clear or concise as you would … Continue reading Arzachel – Arzachel

The Cure – The Blood, Spanish Promo 7″

The Cure’s back catalogue is studded with collectible and rare records, but this Spanish-only single, with its fragile paper sleeve, is almost impossible to find in mint condition – and it’s the one that the fans crave… Any band with a release history as dense as that of The Cure are bound to have rarities in their catalogue, and being one of the most collectible … Continue reading The Cure – The Blood, Spanish Promo 7″

Joy Division – An Ideal For Living

When Joy Division released their debut EP in 1978, no one could’ve predicted the impact the Manchester band would have. Because of this, An Ideal For Living has become one of the most collectable records ever. Released on Enigma, the band’s own label, with only 1,000 copies pressed, the back story behind Joy Division’s debut makes it all the more alluring. The four-panel sleeve is … Continue reading Joy Division – An Ideal For Living

The Misfits – Horror Business

This three-track 7″ has a troubled production history, which led to its appearance in various permutations – as a result, it has become a seriously rare and desirable find for punk aficionados. Recorded in January 1979 at CI Recordings in New York, this release was intended to be a five-track EP: the band couldn’t afford to release a 12″, so it was trimmed to three … Continue reading The Misfits – Horror Business

Nirvana – Hormoaning, Australian tour edition

This Australian-only tour EP has become one of the most desirable releases in Nirvana’s back catalogue. Snapping one up won’t leave you with much change from £500… After Nirvana released their genre-defining second album, Nevermind, they were propelled to the status of global superstars. At the start of 1992, several months after its release, the band embarked on their first and only Australian tour. To … Continue reading Nirvana – Hormoaning, Australian tour edition