story behind the sleeve

The Story Behind The Sleeve #1: Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

This wildly experimental 1970 double album saw Miles Davis fuse jazz to psychedelic rock, with unsettling, sinister-sounding results that would play a defining role in the future of jazz. The gatefold sleeve, featuring a painting by the hugely influential German artist Mati Klarwein, has been interpreted as a comment on racial divisions in America, with a black and a white woman intertwined across its spine. … Continue reading The Story Behind The Sleeve #1: Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

Essential Roger Dean Covers

In addition to our huge Roger Dean interview, we present the 10 essential Roger Dean covers that we think are simply breathtaking… 1. Osibisa – Osibisa, 1971 Formed in the late 60s by a set of top-flight musicians from across Ghana, Nigeria and the Caribbean, this London-based outfit melded African music, jazz, rock, R&B, latin and pop to great effect. Not least on Osibisa – … Continue reading Essential Roger Dean Covers