Wilson Audio

Wilson Audio’s Sasha DAW: “amazing levels of sonic detail…”

You’ll need to pay a pretty penny for the world’s most accomplished loudspeakers… The Sasha DAW is hand-built in Utah, USA and finished in Wilson Audio’s automotive-class paint facility. The speakers trace their lineage back to the legendary WATT/Puppy – the best-selling loudspeaker above $10,000 in the history of audio. Oh and ‘DAW’? It stands for ‘David Andrew Wilson’, Wilson Audio’s founder, who passed away earlier … Continue reading Wilson Audio’s Sasha DAW: “amazing levels of sonic detail…”

Ebony Speakers

Monitor Audio Platinum’s PI500 II: “greater sound accuracy…”

These wondrous tech-heavy towers of power offer hi-end audio at a price… We have before us a mighty speaker system with a stylish turn of heel, packing in a mass of technology including four 8″ RDT II bass drivers, twin 4″ RDT II mid-range drivers and an MPD transducer. That’s a Micro Pleated Diaphragm high-frequency transducer designed specifically for the Platinum series and a patented … Continue reading Monitor Audio Platinum’s PI500 II: “greater sound accuracy…”

Q Acoustics’s 3050i: “fast and detailed…”

John Pickford runs the rule over a pair of full-bodied speakers Having been most impressed with Q Acoustics’ small 3010i bookshelf speakers, I was delighted to take a look at the largest pair in the company’s affordable 3000i range, the 3050i floorstanding speakers. Sporting twin 165mm coated paper mid/bass drivers sandwiching a 22mm decoupled soft dome tweeter, the speakers have a wide-band frequency response, reaching down to … Continue reading Q Acoustics’s 3050i: “fast and detailed…”

Monitor Audio’s Gold 300: “the forefront of cone technology…”

These floorstanding speakers offer state-of-the-art performance and a luxurious look and feel. The hairs on the back of John Pickford’s neck are suitably impressed. Back in issue 22, I tested Monitor Audio’s sleek and compact Studio loudspeakers with their smart bespoke stands. Now I have before me the much larger floorstanding Gold 300, which heads up the company’s Gold range, incorporating most of the technology … Continue reading Monitor Audio’s Gold 300: “the forefront of cone technology…”

Harbeth’s P3ESR: “steeped in the classic BBC tradition…”

Harbeth loudspeakers have been on my radar for many years and I’ve been consistently impressed with all the models I’ve heard. Astonishingly, until now, I’ve not had the opportunity to listen to a pair in the context of my own reference system. As the company is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, now is the perfect time to rectify the situation. The model I have before … Continue reading Harbeth’s P3ESR: “steeped in the classic BBC tradition…”

KEF LSX Wireless Speakers

KEF’s LSX Wireless: “bijou proportions…”

These compact and stylish wireless speakers possess all the superb coherence and detail we’ve come to expect from KEF. John Pickford dispenses with the speaker cables. KEF’s new LSX wireless loudspeakers are, in many respects, a scaled-down version of the company’s highly regarded LS50W wireless speaker system. I lived with the passive LS50s for several weeks a couple of years ago, borrowed from an audiophile … Continue reading KEF’s LSX Wireless: “bijou proportions…”

Q Acoustics’ 3010i: “small is beautiful…”

John Pickford finds out whether Q Acoustics’ attractive new £199 bookshelf-format speakers punch above their weight… Small is beautiful – so the saying goes – and it’s certainly true of Q Acoustics’ new 3010i bookshelf loudspeakers. The smallest model in the company’s revised 3000 range, this speaker is actually slightly taller and 25% deeper than its predecessor. Our review samples sport a lovely graphite grey … Continue reading Q Acoustics’ 3010i: “small is beautiful…”

Hi-fi DIY – Speaker Setup

Now you’ve invested your hard-earned money in hi-fi equipment, it’s time to position it to get the best possible sound. Huw Price gets the measuring tape out… No doubt about it, buying hi-fi equipment is fun and exciting. There are magazine articles to peruse, forum discussions to read, ‘best buy’ tables to consult and maybe even auditions at hi-fi dealers to arrange. However, the inconvenient … Continue reading Hi-fi DIY – Speaker Setup


Teenage Engineering’s OD-11

If you’re in need of a stylish wireless woofer/tweeter combo to liven up your workspace then check out the OD-11 from Teenage Engineering… £499 – teenageengineering.com This Stockholm-based company make some incredibly cool products and this is a wireless woofer/tweeter combo that connects using your existing wi-fi server, making it great for phones or your PC; via a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can easily … Continue reading Teenage Engineering’s OD-11