Hi-Fi DIY: Turntable setup guide

Unlike amplifiers and CD players, turntables need to be properly set up in order to get optimum results. Huw Price explains how to do it without getting in a spin… Given the resurgence of interest in vinyl, and the subject matter of this magazine, no doubt some of you have been wondering how to get the best out of your turntable. If you’re new to … Continue reading Hi-Fi DIY: Turntable setup guide

Hi-Fi DIY: Changing Rooms – Part Two

Last month, we identified the various acoustic issues commonly found in domestic listening environments. Now it’s time to consider what we can do to alleviate those problems. Huw Price seeks treatment… There was a time when hi-fi enthusiasts seeking help with acoustic treatments would’ve needed to track down some arcane tome on studio design at the local library. Probably written by BBC-trained engineers, said book … Continue reading Hi-Fi DIY: Changing Rooms – Part Two

Hi-Fi DIY: Changing Rooms – Part One

If left untreated, a room’s acoustic issues can have a major effect on your hi-fi’s sound. Huw Price identifies and explains some common problems, such as comb filtering, standing waves and flutter echoes. Make sure to read up on speaker setup in our first instalment of Hi-Fi DIY. When reading reviews in hi-fi magazines – and studio-recording publications for that matter – it can often … Continue reading Hi-Fi DIY: Changing Rooms – Part One

Hi-fi DIY – Speaker Setup

Now you’ve invested your hard-earned money in hi-fi equipment, it’s time to position it to get the best possible sound. Huw Price gets the measuring tape out… No doubt about it, buying hi-fi equipment is fun and exciting. There are magazine articles to peruse, forum discussions to read, ‘best buy’ tables to consult and maybe even auditions at hi-fi dealers to arrange. However, the inconvenient … Continue reading Hi-fi DIY – Speaker Setup

storing your records

Vinyl Care: Storing Your Records

As wonderful as the format is, there are many potential hazards that could irrevocably ruin your discs, potentially wasting a lot of your money. Andy Price explores how best to store your discs to keep them safe and you smiling for decades to come. Be sure to read part 1 of our guide.  Your records are priceless – not literally, of course, but in the … Continue reading Vinyl Care: Storing Your Records

Vinyl Care: Looking After Your Records

Look after your valuable collection with Andy Price’s guide to keeping your actively played records, and your player, in tip-top condition So you’ve amassed hundreds (if not thousands) of records, which you intend to play regularly. You might be a dyed-in-the-wool collector who’s been buying vinyl since it was the singular format for music consumption, or maybe you’re a newcomer to record-buying, attracted to their … Continue reading Vinyl Care: Looking After Your Records