Moon 110LP V2

Moon’s 110LP V2 pre-amp

The Moon 110LP v2 sits between your turntable and amp to provide you with improved performance from your vinyl. John Pickford gets to grips with this compact and stylish black box. The MOON 110LP v2 is a new phono preamplifier from Canadian manufacturers Simaudio. It’s designed for use in conjunction with amplifiers without an in-built phono stage or as a major upgrade for those with … Continue reading Moon’s 110LP V2 pre-amp

Hana EH & SL Cartridges

Hana’s EH & SL cartridges

These Hana cartridges couple high performance with value for money, meaning there’s very little for Long Live Vinyl not to like. When I was asked to test these two cartridges, my ears pricked up, as I’ve been hearing great things about both their performance and value for money. Hana cartridges are produced by Excel Sound Corporation, a Tokyo-based manufacturer specialising in handmade Moving Coil (MC) … Continue reading Hana’s EH & SL cartridges

Muvo 2c

Creative’s Muvo 2C

Though some purists may not look kindly upon Bluetooth turntables there are many who do, and for those of you take note of the Creative Muvo 2C… £39.99 – Bluetooth turntables are now available (eg AT’s AT-LP60-BT or ION’s Air) although audiophiles shun the format. Taken as a practical solution, some systems are useful and this Creative speaker is great, it should pair easily … Continue reading Creative’s Muvo 2C