John & Ringo – Voiceover Pals

Back in July, when it was Ringo Starr’s birthday, we got a great response when we posted the original TV ad for easily the campest Ringo album of all time, Goodnight Vienna, to the Long Live Vinyl facebook.

John Lennon helped Ringo out by doing the voice-over for that one. So, as part of our ongoing celebrations of Lennon’s 80th birthday, we thought we’d go one stage further and post the ad where Ringo returned the favour, for John’s Walls & Bridges LP.

With the albums coming out within weeks of each other at the tail end of 1974, we think the voiceovers were likely recorded together in the same session; probably at Sunset Sound in L.A. where Ringo recorded much of Goodnight Vienna or, if not there, then at Lennon’s base at the time, The Record Plant in New York.

Sit back and enjoy the two coolest TV commercials ever…

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