#LoveRecordStores to support independent stores

The music community are encouraging customers to buy vinyl online from independent shops during the pandemic as part of the #LoveRecordStores campaign.

The music community, with support from Record Store Day, are campaigning to keep independent record stores alive during the current pandemic with a new initiative: #LoveRecordStores.
Independent record shops have long been under threat from music streaming services and chain stores, but pandemic lockdown restrictions have made it almost impossible for them to function.
To stimulate sales and highlight the importance of supporting your local store, music fans across the UK have launched the #LoveRecordStores campaign. Customers are encouraged to buy records online from their local stores if possible, while music companies are coordinating ideas and mobilising artists to raise as much awareness as they can.
Martin Freeman, Dave Gahan and other famous faces took to Twitter to remind music lovers to keep buying records from local businesses during lockdown.
Beggars Group Founder and Chairman Martin Mills said, “I started life in a record store. Record stores are incubators for great music, and for musicians. In these incredible times they can still serve up what you need so please “visit” them online, patronise them, support them and help them survive. We’ll need them on the other side.”
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