The Top 5 BC Camplight records you need to get

bc camplight vinylFor vinyl enthusiasts who want to hunt down BC Camplight releases, one issue is that his first two LPs – Hide, Run Away (2005) and Blink Of A Nihilist (2007, both One Little Indian) – date from the noughties, or the time of CDs, when albums by new artists often weren’t released on vinyl. However, early singles Couldn’t You Tell (2006), Blood And Peanut Butter (2006) and Suffer For Two (2007) are all available on 7″ and you can pick each up for less than £10.

Turning to the Bella Union years, a Mint condition copy of How To Die In The North will set you back circa £20, while a silver vinyl copy of Deportation Blues similarly retails at £20 or so. Shortly After Takeoff will be released on clear vinyl. In short, prices are currently very reasonable. That may change.

As for Christinzio’s own listening habits, he likes classical music and podcasts: “Get ready for another pretentious thing here. I very, very, very rarely listen to music. I don’t have any vinyl. I don’t have a CD player.

I don’t have Spotify. I don’t have anything to listen to music on. I find it distracting in all the wrong ways listening to music. It’s something to do with the way my brain processes things, but when I listen to music all I can hear is music theory [which he studied as a child] – why is this going in to that and ‘x’s and ‘o’s and formulas – I can’t really relax to music without over-deciphering it.”

Jonathan Wright