Rolling Stones Record Sold On Discogs For Over $5000

The Rolling Stones

Another month, another surprising sale on Discogs. As rare vinyl continually dominates the collectors market, the crazy sales are reflected in Discogs latest Top 30 Most Expensive records chart for the Discogs Marketplace.

In August, an extremely rare copy of The Rolling Stones 1969 UK Radio Promotion Album was listed and sold on the marketplace for $5333.  Each copy of the record contained an accompanying letter which stated:
“Only 200 copies of this promotional record have been produced in England….Incidentally, the sleeves were printed in the United States and, therefore, the publishing details and timings refer to the American record and it would be appreciated if the record label itself could be referred to for copyright and programming purposes.”
There was over $1000 between first and second place, the next most expensive record clocking in a sale of $4222 – a 1969 release of The Can’s debut album Monster Movie. Reportedly only 500 copies were made with the original Sleeve before being reissued.  The German experimental rock band formed in Cologne circa 1968, initially as Inner Space and becoming The Can when fronted by American vocalist Malcolm Mooney. Can are well-known as one of the key pioneers of Krautrock.
Tilda Howard