Banksy Röyksopp Sells for Record Breaking $8178

Just as the debut album by Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp turns 18, Discogs announces that a copy has been sold for a whopping $8178.

Banksy Album Art
Discogs announced that a limited edition copy of Röyksopp’s 2001 debut album Melody A.M has sold for a whopping $8178. Discogs featured the record at the top of their Top 30 Most Expensive Records Sold list, where Röyksopp’s limited edition pressing beat out a Led Zeppelin boxset ($6444) and a 1973 live recording of Genesis at Leicester/ Manchester ($3947).
But why the extortionate price tag? In 2002, the electronic duo sent 100 copies of their extremely limited white label pressing to world-renowned street artist Banksy. He then created a stencil and hand-sprayed each double-LP cover. Though we’d never recommend spending over $8,000 on a single record, getting an original piece from one of the most mysterious and celebrated artists on the planet can pretty much justify any purchase.
If you’re desperate for your own copy, there are four remaining on Discogs – the most expensive one now being $12,000.
Tilda Howard