Jambinai – ONDA

Jambinai - ONDA

The world sometimes seems to be unnecessarily full of post-rock albums that go quiet-loud-quiet or loud-quiet-loud because, well, that’s what post-rock does. But there are still records that step outside ossifying genre rules to conjure up the spirit of pioneers such as Mogwai or Swans.

The third LP from Korea’s Jambinai is a case in point. Laying traditional instruments and vocals on top of a rhythm section that’s subtle yet hugely powerful on rockier tracks such as Sun. Tears. Red. or the second half of epic title track ONDA, Jambinai’s music mixes up elements of ambient soundscapes, prog and heavy metal in wholly unexpected combinations, while melodies rooted in Korean traditional music spin off in directions most Western bands simply wouldn’t think to explore. File under: energising.


Jonathan Wright