Body Hound – No Moon

Body Hound
No Moon

Body Hound

Almost an hour in length, Body Hound’s debut album certainly has a lot to say as each of its 12 tracks twist and convulse, weaving together elements of jazz, electronic, post-rock and math. Armed with this larger canvas the band are deep in their own brand of prog, yet self-indulgence never inhibits the songwriting.

There’s respite from the sonic onslaught too in the form of four interludes. More concise and imbued with their own individual styles, they add a welcome change of pace, making the core tracks that follow all the more affecting.

Forging these elements into a cohesive whole is impressive to behold, but where No Moon intoxicates most is its malevolent streak thanks to the surgically precise, arrhythmic riffs that underpin the record. These moments never fail to elicit a giddy grin and inescapable need to tap along, but don’t expect to stay in time.