Yeasayer – Erotic Reruns

Erotic Reruns

Genre-hopping Brooklyn outfit Yeasayer seem to have finally settled into a more coherent groove on their latest release, Erotic Reruns. That being a Hot Chip/Field Music-esque blend of synth-pop that favours nods to 1980s guilty pleasures, and where the production is as much of a presence as any band member.

Unlike said UK outfits, Yeasayer haven’t quite connected with the pop hooks here. There’s glowing production, harmonising melodies, glistening synth work and an enjoyably wonky presence to some rhythms, but the songs sometimes fail to lift off as fully realised pop pieces.

There’s enough to like on the record in between, however, the woozy psychedelia and sax-tooting 24-Hour Hateful Live! being one perfect example of a knockout piece lodged between more standard fare.


Daniel Dylan Wray