Jane Weaver – Loops In The Secret Society

Loops In The Secret Society

A 22-track album of re-imagined material from Weaver’s last two albums combined with added ambient material may sound like a for-fans-only bonus offering with little added value, but Jane Weaver’s latest is actually anything but.

This collection of tracks – which largely take on a more subdued, dreamy, cinematic and woozy quality – don’t feel like lazy after-thought tinkerings, but instead offer a deeper insight into the work of Weaver. The album succeeds in offering new perspectives on her tracks, that open up fresh avenues, create previously untapped melodies and immerse one into entirely undiscovered soundscapes.

The new ambient sections, which act as interludes between the reworked tracks, keep the momentum going as to feel like another voyage awaits with each track appearing.


Daniel Dylan Wray