The Black Keys – Let’s Rock

Let's Rock

Many doubted we’d ever hear another Black Keys album, but their first LP in five years is a joyous, back-to-basics celebration of everything that made the Ohio duo one of the biggest bands on the planet.

Shine A Little Light manages to encapsulate all that’s great about The Black Keys in 150 seconds and by track two, Eagle Birds, Dan Auerbach is tearing out a monster solo and a trademark filthy blues riff.

The whole record, in fact, is a celebration of the wanton joy of the electric guitar, as well as a considered exercise in brevity. Tell Me Lies is the kind of sun-kissed blissful soul-funk that made 2014’s Turn Blue such a delight, and Get Yourself Together and Go are both winningly reminiscent of El Camino’s Lonely Boy.

Let’s Rock is like the unexpected return of an old friend on a balmy summer evening.


Gary Walker