Circle Sixty – Sawn Off Shot Gold

Circle 60

Initially in grebo rockers Senseless Things, Morgan Nicholls and Cass Browne have since become touring members of The Streets and Gorillaz respectively.

Joined by Penguin Café guitarist Des Murphy and mysterious singer Motorcycle Ade, these veteran sessioners now cut loose in their own band. Released solely on vinyl in indie stores, SawnOff Shot Gold sometimes goes OTT in its gonzo atmosphere. The overlong soloing and cod-mystic lyrics of 432 recalls Zodiac Mindwarp. Mostly, though, there’s a freakbeat feel saved from fossilised nostalgia by their enthusiasm and modern touches like the percussive groove on Drive Drive Drive and The Octopus.

They won’t match the success of their day job paymasters, but that’s not the point. There’s a freedom and joy which is a reminder of why everyone involved is so in demand.


John Earls