Bill Callahan – Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest

Bill Callahan

At 20 tracks long, Bill Callahan’s latest album takes up almost as much space as his preceding three combined. Here, with fatherhood and marriage occupying his thoughts, Callahan presents a less coherent and fully thought-out album, as per his previous.

Instead, he offers up an ostensible collection of poignant vignettes – like skimming a stone through his mind. And it’s an ever-rewarding and curious mind to skim through; touching upon the plethora of feelings that his new domesticated life has brought him (as well as typically abstract deviations).

His voice remains ever-rich and resonates with the warmth of an embrace, while the sonic tones are acoustic and country-licked, presented with the rambling DIY charm of his early work and the warm production of his later catalogue.


Daniel Dylan Wray