Travis – The Man Who


Type Travis into Spotify today and the Scottish four-piece are no longer the first artist to pop up  – that’s Travis Scott, natch. It would have been a completely different story if the platform had been around in 1999.

As a 20th anniversary bonus, not only are they releasing this, their 3.5 million-selling second album, but also an album of their breakthrough 1999 Glastonbury performance, when the weather came out in sympathy with the yet-to-be-released Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Despite its years, The Man Who still works on most levels: more than just a container for four (count ‘em!) hits, it has a beginning, middle and end, and despite the immediacy and deceptive simplicity of the songs, it doesn’t become tiresome with repeated plays.

Let’s hope we’ll be saying the same things about Travis Scott in 20 years.


Ben Wardle