Alex Paterson on his Top Ten Vinyl

Since co-founding The Orb with Jimmy Cauty at the height of acid house, Alex Paterson has soothingly soundtracked countless comedowns and taken listeners on innumerable adventures beyond the ultraworld. For Long Live Vinyl, he digs out a selection of influential albums…

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - 2001 A Space Odyssey


Various Artists – 2001: A Space Odyssey
“From Also Sprach Zarathustra to The Blue Danube, György Ligeti’s sustained chords shift ever so slowly over time. This soundtrack has it all: emotion, relaxation, it’s all here. It’s been in my collection since before 2001!”

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - Africa Must Be Free By 1983


Hugh Mundell – Africa Must Be Free By 1983
“Augustus Pablo was the producer – I recorded with his studio band in Kingston, in ‘78. I used to sit on my windowsill up the palace and get high listening to this. Hugh’s vocals are haunting, especially on My Mind and Ital Slip.”

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - Super Ape


The Upsetters – Super Ape
“Probably the first, and best, dub album in the world, this was part of my youth. From Underground to Curly Dub, Dread Lion to Dub Along, it’s a classic in the true sense of the word. This is Lee Scratch Perry at his baddest and best.”

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - Metal Box


Pil – Metal Box
“I saw them at The Rainbow in Finsbury Park on Boxing Day, 1978. This LP is magical to me and a favourite in my chillout sets. With Wobble’s god-like bass and screams from Lydon, it’s not unlike a dub album. I bought a spare copy, just in case!”

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - Lust For Life


Iggy Pop – Lust For Life
Turn Blue has always been a favourite, and I was around the age of 16 when this album came out. It was a party album, one to dance and live Iggy’s life to. Fall In Love With Me and Some Weird Sin were the soundtrack to my club nights in ‘77.”

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - Closer


Joy Division – Closer
“I was living in a squat with Killing Joke, who toured with Joy Division, when this came out. It represents all the sad, electric tunes that shone out from Manchester in the very early 1980s. My favourites are The Eternal, Heart And Soul, and Decades.”

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts


Brian Eno And David Byrne – My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
“Early days for sampling in the English-speaking world. It’s up there with all of Eno’s works. It inspired me to record a preacher at a worship show in ’89, which ended up on the first Orb album.”

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - Bytes


Black Dog Productions – Bytes
“This is a masterclass on how to create your own sound… This is an amazing album. Many a spliff was smoked to this sound – techno as it should be. Model 500 and Derrick May showed us the way, and Plaid warped us into outer space.”

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - Blue Lines


Massive Attack – Blue Lines
“This was a new sound and a new way to enjoy music, with total vocal freedom. I’m proud to know these kind brethren. Be Thankful For What You’ve Got is stunningly elegant and cries out for a skank! Blue Lines was the first true trip-hop album.”

Crate Digging with... Alex Paterson - Donuts


J Dilla – Donuts
“I’ve listened to this pretty much all the time since I found it… There are some profound moments: J Dilla passed away three days before the release. It’s a great man’s requiem and makes you smile and thank whoever it is for being there for you.”