McIntosh’s MC275 MK VI amplifier reviewed

Dream Machines: McIntosh MC275 MK VI amplifier

In our series showcasing high-end hi-fi to die for, Paul Rigby guides you through the features of an ultra high-spec power amplifier that positively glows with analogue radiance… and will cost you a cool £7,100.

The MC275 MK VI is a supremely high-end power amplifier to slaver over and to drink in with the eyes – because there’s a lot going on here, and a lot of care and attention has been paid to its aesthetics.

Packing 75 watts and weighing in at a hefty 30.5kg, the MC275 is dominated by whopping great transformers and supporting valves. Sporting balanced and unbalanced outputs, this is the sixth generation of the amplifier – so the MC275 has been finely tuned over the years. Oh, and those valves? Each one features a little LED to light it up during use.

1. Green Light

The valves turn amber (during the warm-up phase) and then green when the power is on to indicate readiness… and red if there’s a valve failure.

2. Post Production

The speaker binding posts are patented gold-plated Solid Cinch models.

3. Keep It Stainless Steel

The amp’s chassis is made from polished stainless steel.