The Vinylist: Suzanne Verweij

Dutch Long Live Vinyl reader and music aficionado Suzanne Verweij offers a snapshot of her eclectic collection, which ranges from modern pop to Rammstein…
The Vinylist – Suze Verweij
What was the first record you bought?
“I think it was Lungs from Florence + The Machine. I saw the band live at the Lowlands Festival in 2009. I loved it! It’s still one of my favourite albums.”
What artists and genres are you most interested in?
“Some great bands from Great Britain are my favourites. I really love Florence + The Machine, Daughter and London Grammar. They all have such an amazing sound. But, I also love rock, in all kinds of ways – from Pearl Jam to Rammstein.”
How many records do you have?
“It’s close to 800 records right now.”
The Vinylist – Suze Verweij
What’s the most valuable record in your collection?
“That has to be Pearl Jam’s No Code. The original one from 1996. I bought it in a record store in Ghent, Belgium. Such a great album and artwork. Luckily, they released it last year for the second time, so now we can all enjoy this beautiful album.”
What’s the Holy Grail record that you’d most like to own?
“I do want to own the record from Urban Cookie Collective, High On A Happy Vibe. Every time I hear The Key The Secret I can’t stop dancing and it brings me back to the 90s.”
What’s your listening setup?
“My turntable, amp and power supply are all made by Rega; the Rega Brio-R amp and the Rega TT-PSU. I Iove the simplicity of the turntable, the Rega RP3. The white wooden board and the black tonearm give it a clean look. And it looks very nice with the white speakers from Bowers & Wilkins: the 707 S2. To keep my records clean and crisp, I do wash them with a record cleaning machine: the Okki Nokki. A must-have for every vinyl collector!”
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