The Top 3 High-End Headphones for Vinyl

HifiMan Sundara

1. HIFIMAN SUNDARA, price £449

Planar magnetic, over the ear and open backed. Offering deep bass with good control over sub-bass and some bloom into the smooth mids, the Sundaras add a warming effect, although the high-end remains rather energetic.

Audeze LCD-3 Fazor

2. AUDEZE  LCD-3 FAZOR, price £1,699

The Fazor elements are the bits that really makes these headphones sing. They move sound around the internal magnets, allowing it to flow and extending the high end to improve dynamics resulting in superb detail and a refined listen

MrSpeakers Ether Flow

3. MRSPEAKERS’s ETHER FLOW, price £1,750
Another planar magnetic model and open backed, but  on the ear – with the company’s own development technology featuring TrueFlow for low noise and low distortion. They’re comfortable and sound beautiful.