Pink Floyd's Meddle sells for $4,400 on Discogs

A Colombia blue transparent copy of Pink Floyd’s Meddle was the most expensive item sold on Discogs in February, fetching $4,400.
Pink Floyd Meddle

The number of copies of the blue transparent variant of Meddle is unknown, and this copy only appears in 10 Discogs users’ collections. Other notable sales in February included the Detroit soul label Big Mack’s release of Bob & Fred’s 1966 single I’ll Be On My Way (Part 1) selling for $4,239 and the rarest of rare primo psych, Damon’s Song Of A Gypsy selling for $3,500. For the entire Most Expensive Items Sold For February 2018 click HERE.

“These super rare releases are, well, super rare,” says Discogs’ discography specialist, Brent Greissle. “It’s not uncommon for rare 7″s to go for incredible amounts with these Northern Soul collectors. Numero Group released this on Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label in 2006, a fantastic comp! The Damon release is some primo psych. Song Of A Gypsy is well documented in the more popular psych collecting books like The Acid Archives.”

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