The Record Store Guide to South-East London, Top 10

In The Record Store Guide to South-East London, Mark Elliot sampled the wares of the area’s top 10 stores. Here’s where you can find them…

1. Rollin Records

6 Station Road, West Wickham, BR4 OPR
Opening hours
10am to 5.30pm Thursday to Saturday
What we said: “If there is a magic formula to balance volume of stock with meticulous filing, this store hits that sweet spot. Boxes of beautifully curated singles make sourcing something specific so simple.”

2. Wanted Music

415 Croydon Road, BR3 3PP
Opening hours
Noon to 6pm Monday; 10.30am to 6pm Tuesday and Wednesday; 10am to 6pm Thursday and Friday; 10am to 5.30pm Saturday
What we said: “A record-store veteran [Adriaan Neervoort] – he used to run the legendary Beanos in Croydon – Adriaan chose this location because it afforded him the space to offer customers the stuff they might not even realise they wanted.”

3. Raven

74 Bromley Road, BR3 5NP
Opening hours
11am to 5pm Monday to Saturday
What we said: The perfect hang out for prospective buyers looking for the best punk, rock and alternative records around.

4. Turnstyle Records

227 Streatham High Road, SW16 6EN
Opening hours
11am to 6pm Monday; 10.30am to 6pm Wednesday to Sunday
What we said: “With a reputation for jazz – Turnstyle is one of the capital’s best – I find a much wider selection than expected, along with some nicely presented merchandise and gorgeous repro record players”

5. The Book And Record Bar

20 Norwood High Street, SE27 9NR
Opening hours
10.30am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday
What we said: Located in what was once a neglected pub, The Book and Record Bar may not possess “…a lot of obvious commercial material, but the rare and interesting make this a rewarding trawl”

6. Collection

70 Lee High Road, SE13 5PT
Opening hours
11.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday
What we said: “The drift towards a more boutique style of record hunting has left many a crate digger bemoaning the slick, sterile new order of shopping. Well, Collection is going to be right up their street.”

7. Cruisin Records

132 Welling High Street, DA16 1TJ
Opening hours
9am to 5.30pm Monday, Wednesday,
Friday and Saturday; 10am to 6pm
Tuesday and Thursday
What we said: “You’ll find a lot of second-hand and new vinyl, with a bias towards dance and soul, but a lot more besides. Prices are very keen and there are some good bargains to be had here.”

8. Casbah Records

320-322 Creek Road, SE10 9SW
Opening hours
11.30am to 6pm Monday; 10.30am to 6pm Tuesday to Friday; 10.30am to 6.30pm
Saturday and Sunday
What we said: “New vinyl jostles with a decent range of the old stuff, and prices are reasonable. This lovely shop, which started life as a stall in the nearby market, also takes Record Store Day very seriously…”

9. Music & Video Exchange

23 Greenwich Church Street, SE10 9BJ
Opening hours
10am to 8pm Monday to Sunday
What we said: “Across two floors, it carries a staggering range of second-hand records with most genres getting a respectable showing.”

10. Classical Bargain Records

3 Station Approach, SE9 2AB
Opening hours
10am to 5pm Friday;
8.30am to 5pm Saturday
What we said: “While there is a lot of classical stuff here – on CD and vinyl – there’s a wider, faster-moving turnover of other stuff…”