Peter Gabriel – Music For Films

music for films

There’s something very different about these three vinyl reissues of Peter Gabriel’s movie soundtracks. Because the fact is you might actually play them, as well as revel in their expanded artwork, and because Peter Gabriel is one of the last artists standing up against Spotify. In fact, you won’t find any of his music on any streaming service at all. So unwrap these and enjoy the alternate, instrumental side of a performer who’s known so well for his songs and singing.

1985’s Birdy, the soundtrack to Alan Parker’s film of the same name is out-there and experimental, yet melodic and absorbing. You could even think of it as a proto-remix album, with Gabriel reworking tracks such as Wallflower, San Jacinto and The Rhythm Of The Heat into marauding workouts of synth and massed ranks of percussion.

The only downside of 1989’s Passion, the soundtrack to Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation Of Christ, is that it could do with a trim. There are so many musical ideas here across its 21 tracks that the most moving pieces are drowned out by so many other experiments. But persevere, because A Different Drum and Bread And Wine are two of the best tracks you’ll find on any Gabriel album, soundtrack or otherwise. Rounding out the set is 2002’s Long Walk Home, with less immediate but still absorbing music from the Australian film Rabbit-Proof Fence.