This Is The Kit – Moonshine Freeze

moonshine freeze

For many years, Kate Stables’ rich, smooth vocals, pitch-perfect strings and unmistakable ‘woos’ have been sailing into the ears of folk fans, but her band’s fourth studio album has a much wider appeal – which coincides with their signing to Rough Trade.

A Parisian cool combines with a down-to-earth Bristol groove, thanks in part to production by PJ Harvey producer John Parish. The depth of this record is achieved with impeccable vocal arrangements from Kate, Rozi Plain and co.
Straddling the divide between traditional folk and the jazzier end of Americana, you can hear the influences of The National’s Aaron Dessner, who features on this album after producing the group’s last record. Storytelling lies at the heart of Moonshine Freeze, with tales of ill health, gypsy wives and summer days.
Amid the sophistication, there’s a childlike playfulness; the album title itself comes from a children’s clapping game.