Twin Peaks – Music From… & Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks

Rhino Records

Twin Peaks was film noir at its finest. To celebrate its return to our screens, Rhino has reissued the show’s original soundtrack, along with the OST for the Fire Walk With Me movie. Lynch enlisted composer Angelo Badalamenti for his groundbreaking scores; Julee Cruise’s delicate vocals appear on three tracks, including the Top 10 hit Falling, while the instrumental version won a Grammy.

There’s no underestimating Badalamenti’s influence – his music is an integral character in itself. The beautiful melody of Laura Palmer’s Theme is underpinned by a foreboding melancholy, while the sass of Audrey’s Dance can’t be heard without visualising Sherilyn Fenn swaying seductively in the Double R Diner.
Fire Walk With Me includes The Pink Room, with its filthy riff, and Badalamenti’s collaboration with Thought Gang on A Real Indication. Just like Lynch’s nightmarish vision, these soundtracks may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But for those wanting to get lost in their beguiling charms, they’re a “damn fine cup of coffee”